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what is pardotThe question “What is Pardot?” is a common one for people who are looking to integrate an marketing automation system into their Salesforce platform. Pardot is a lead marketing and remarketing system that allows you to reach potential clients through a number of means, i.e. email campaigns, social media and paid marketing, to name a few. This marketing automation tool for Salesforce can also sync with your current customers in Salesforce to generate automated communications at certain milestones within a project.

To answer the question “What is Pardot?” in more depth, let’s break down the aspects of this marketing automation system that are most commonly used in conjunction with Salesforce.

What is Pardot? It is an email marketing tool.

Pardot is largely used as an email marketing tool to coincide with Salesforce campaigns. For example, if you have a Salesforce campaign specific to an event, you can integrate the list of event attendees from your Salesforce platform into a Pardot engagement (or drip) campaign to stay connected to these leads after the event ends.

Some of the benefits of Pardot as an email marketing tool include:

  • Mobile responsive email templates
  • Engagement studio for custom drip campaigns
  • Robust reporting for email analytics
  • Score changing abilities that tie to leads in Salesforce

In addition to these benefits of Pardot as an email marketing system, this tool can also send notifications to users when certain email links are clicked or specific forms are submitted, meaning you won’t miss an opportunity to follow up on a lead.

What is Pardot? It is a lead generation and marketing tool.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of Pardot is that it can generate contact forms to be used on your company’s website. These contact forms can be customized to capture the information you deem necessary to follow up with your leads, and can be integrated seamlessly into a number of websites, including WordPress.

Once someone fills out the Pardot contact form on your website, you can set up the following automated lead marketing process through the Pardot platform:

1. Contact information is captured and stored in a “website leads” dynamic list in Pardot.

2. This list is input into an ongoing email campaign.

3. The new lead is automatically sent an email, which can be personalized to the specific contact information entered, i.e. include first name, company, etc.

4. You can specify which email to send the new lead based on certain information the person entered. For example, a different email will be sent depending on what industry the lead indicated.

5. A Salesforce user will be assigned to the lead based on whether the email was opened, the link in the email was clicked, or any other specification you notate.

What is Pardot? It is the best marketing integration tool for Salesforce users.

At EMS Consulting, we work with only the top products offered for business solutions. We have seen the success of Pardot for companies that use it both as a new lead marketing and a remarketing tool. In fact, we use this product internally to engage our clients and prospects.

If you are ready to learn more about how the Pardot marketing tool, contact EMS Consulting today. You can also download the Pardot Quick Start infographic to learn more about this product and its capabilities. Contact us today for more information.

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